StankoMashStroy Co. LTD summed up the results of 2021, a very eventful year. This year company celebrated its 15th anniversary . But at the same time, this year also brought a lot of challenges. Despite difficult working conditions during the pandemic, difficult economic situation, company managed to cope with all the challenges, maintain work stability, achieve decent production results - company's revenue for 2021 increased by 10% compared to 2020, and also implemented many important projects for the development of machine tool construction.

One of the most important events of the year was creation of machine tool cluster “Penzastankomash”, which included 13 enterprises of region, as well as two universities, one secondary school, six regional development institutes and organizations representing technological and industrial infrastructure. StankoMashStroy Co. LTD is a driving force of a new industrial association. According to the CEO Oleg Kochetkov, machine-tool cluster will combine experience and competencies of Penza industrial enterprises, significantly expand the company's production capabilities, increase the level of localization, which has now reached more than 70% in all equipment positions.

2021 was also marked by development of a new type of high-tech equipment, unique not only for company itself, but also for Russian machine tool industry as a whole. VTM9 vertical machining centers production was started by StankoMashStroy Co. LTD. This machine was presented for the first time at one of the largest international specialized industrial exhibitions "Metalloobrabotka-2021" where it drew special iattention from guests and participants, and became the center of entire the industrial exposition. At the end of the year, the company signed an export contract to supply this type of equipment for the first time. One of the machines was shipped to Turkey to work at the Akkuyu nuclear power plant.

Despite the difficult economic situation in the industrial sector, over the past year, the company has managed to significantly strengthen its production and technological capacities through the acquisition and commissioning of the second portal 2-spindle flat-grinding machine of the Waldrich Coburg company.

It is planned for 2022 to expand range of manufactured modifications for ST6K20 series machines, due to the start of production of a 3000mm machine, of VTM11 and VTM3 series machining centers, batch production of ST16A25 series 1500 mm machines.

"The Russian industrial sector is gradually recovering. In 2021, despite new wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and new challenges in economy, we managed to load enterprise with new offers, launch additional production facilities, and provide staff with work. In new year, we plan to concentrate our efforts on further modernization and increasing production of high-tech equipment, development of new products, and expansion of sales markets. And we will also continue to keep a confident course for localization of metalworking equipment in Russia," said Oleg Kochetkov, the CEO of  StankoMashStroy Co. LTD


Date: 10.01.2022
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