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The thousandth machine goes to Denmark

"StankoMashStroy" company celebrates an important event - the enterprise has produced the 1000th machine. It is Universal Lathe of ST16k20 Series. The machine was manufactured by order of one dealer from the Kingdom of Denmark. It is equipped with digital readouts, quick-change tool holders of the MultiFix type and several special modifications for the European market.

In fact of that machine was acquired by a European company is further proof that the machines of the «StankoMashStroy» company combine high quality, productivity, reliability and are the best choice for any market segment in any country.

About seven years ago, the company started its own production of metalworking equipment and nowadays «StankoMashStroy» is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of the machine tool cluster. Today the company's equipment is widely known not only in the Russian market but also successfully competes with foreign producers. It is in demand among the foreign consumers.

The 1000th machine will be shipped to a customer in the Kingdom of Denmark very soon.

Date: 29.12.2020
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