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Construction in progress

StankoMashStroy now reached the final stage in the process of the second workshop construction. It is known as a part of an investment project of mass production of metalworking machines. The building shows the features of the architectural design that is unique for industrial enterprises.

The glazing of the corner part of the facade with panoramic windows is finished. Now the work on interior decoration is in progress.

Builders started a complex and time-consuming process – floor pouring. This type of work will last until the end of February. Firstly they completed the second floor of the workshop. The thickness of the concrete pavement will be 200 mm.

In March, workers will start floor pouring of  the storage on the first floor. Its thickness is 300 mm.

The installation of heating and ventilation systems in the office part of the new production hall is underway as well.

Date: 12.02.2019
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