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The first machine is dispatched to Switzerland

In the end of August, "StankoMashStroy" company concluded the first contract with a company from Switzerland for the supply of turning equipment of its own production. Negotiations with the dealer lasted more than a year and now, finally, the parties came to an agreement. Dealers from Western Europe purchased the ST16k25S/2000 universal lathe.

The equipment for the Swiss company was produced by analogy to the machine, which was supplied to Ireland at the beginning of 2019, and in accordance with the requirements that the customer specified. The lathe with a center distance of 2000 mm has a rigid, one-piece bed, which ensures reliability and stability when machining parts, and is also resistant to vibrations. In addition, the machine is equipped with additional options: a 3-axis digital readout, an enlarged steady rest, a quick-change tool holder. All this significantly improves accuracy and overall performance of the machine.

On October 7, the finished equipment was dispatched to the customer, who expressed his intention to continue further cooperation with our company, whose machines are distinguished by high quality, accuracy, reliability, productivity, and most importantly, reasonable cost. In particular, Swiss dealer intends to place information on turning equipment manufactured by StankoMashStroy in a local specialized magazine and offer machines at the European market.

Date: 07.10.2019
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