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Stankomashstroy enters the Swiss machine tools market

In a month and a half, the universal lathe ST16k25S/2000 will be delivered to Switzerland. This model is the largest in the line of universal lathes.

Foreign partners appreciated the advantages of the machines made in Penza. A similar machine was previously supplied to Ireland.

Machine tools of "StankoMashStroy" are optimal in terms of price and quality. The model ST16k25S/2000 has a rigid one-piece bed, provides reliability and stability during processing and is resistant to vibrations.

The machine will be equipped with additional options: 3-axis digital readout, steady rest of a bigger diameter, quick-change tool holder.

Due to the wide range of processing and application, StankoMashStroy machines are in demand at the European and other foreign markets.

Export has been carried out since the end of 2016, every year, starting from 2017, on average about 30 machines are exported.

StankoMashStroy machines are working in Germany, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan. Now, Switzerland is among the foreign partners: the supply contract concluded in August 2019 between the Penza manufacturer and the Swiss company is the first.

Further promotion of the equipment by the dealer at the Swiss market is planned.

Date: 30.08.2019
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