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Start is given: the national project “Labor productivity and employment support” implementation has started

The company "StankoMashStroy" was one of the first in the Penza region to participate in the federal project "Targeted Support for Increasing Labor Productivity in Enterprises" as part of the national project. On December 3, an official event was held to commence the implementation of the project, the operator of which is the Federal Center for Competence in Labor Productivity (FCC). His experts have already visited the enterprise with a familiarization mission and outlined a plan for joint work.

As the Minister of Industry, Transport and Innovation Policy of the Penza Region Mikhail Torgashin noted at the opening meeting, today there are few enterprises in the country involved in the restoration of the machine tool industry in the Russian Federation. "StankoMashStroy" is among them. Moreover, with a very high level of localization. The head of the Ministry of Industry expressed confidence that, thanks to the specialists of the FCC and the regional center, it will be possible to systematize work at the enterprise and achieve high rates.

“Our task is to achieve such labor productivity that will allow us to reach the production volume of up to 1,000 machines annually. We are well aware that this is not only a human factor, but it is the right approach to work - the system, the production culture. We hope that thanks to the specialists of the Federal Center and participation in the project, we will grow by more than 5%, ”said Oleg Kochetkov, CEO of the company.

We remind that national project key goal, which was set by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, is to accelerate the growth of labor productivity in medium and large enterprises of non-primary economy sectors to 5% per year by 2024. The implementation of the federal project aimed at three years. After this period, labor productivity at StankoMashStroy should increase by at least 30%.

A working group has been created at the enterprise, consisting of 8 specialists, headed by Sergey Mityasov, Deputy General Director for Production. According to him, the main task is to increase the efficiency of labor organization, eliminate losses, respond promptly to the customer needs, organize a pilot section in order to introduce further a program to increase labor productivity throughout the enterprise.

In achieving these goals, experts from the FCC will help StankoMashStroy specialists, each of whom has extensive experience in building an effective business system. They will have to conduct a detailed diagnosis of the technological process at the enterprise, prepare an action plan for the improvements introduction, conduct staff training on lean manufacturing methods and tools, help increase labor productivity, which should help to reduce production costs and increase competitiveness both at the Russian and world markets. In the future, after training, which will last six months, the enterprise employees will be able to apply the knowledge they have acquired to implement a program for increasing labor efficiency throughout the enterprise.

After the official part, an agreement was signed between StankoMashStroy and the regional Ministry of Industry on cooperation in the national project implementation “Labor Productivity and Employment Support”. Then the guests were invited to take a tour of the enterprise production facilities.

After the main part of the meeting, the FCC business trainers held the first lesson with the members of the working group.

Date: 04.12.2019
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