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Work on production processes improvement

Specialists of the company "StankoMashStroy" continue to improve their professional skills in the framework of the federal project "Targeted support for increasing labor productivity in enterprises." Training in lean production techniques and tools is provided by experts from the Federal Center for Competence in Labor Productivity (FCC).

To get an effective result from the implementation of lean production tools, you need to consider the whole process and identify losses. To this end, working group members, led by experienced experts, are engaged in compiling a flow map of the current production state, which is a graphical representation of the entire manufacturing process of the equipment through the example of the universal lathe ST16k20 series.

In the future, a target state map will be compiled, where all identified current losses will be eliminated. It will allow to increase labor productivity, will contribute to improving the quality of manufactured equipment, reducing costs and increasing competitiveness.

Date: 20.01.2020
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