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Bed accuracy – machine accuracy

"StankoMashStroy" company is constantly working on the quality of its equipment. In order for the machine to provide the necessary precision in parts processing, the accuracy of the equipment must be higher. A special role is played by the bed - it must be processed with high accuracy, have rigidity and wear resistance.

At the StankoMashStroy enterprise, beds and other large-sized cast-iron parts undergo both natural and artificial aging. Natural aging is used for machines with higher precision requirements.

After receiving the casting, it undergoes the first heat treatment, which evens out the structure of cast iron and lasts for almost 20 hours. This allows to remove 80-90 percent of internal stresses. After the heat treatment, the part undergoes preliminary mechanical processing and enters the site for natural aging. In the open air, it is "matured" for 10-12 months. This allows to remove stress after pre-treatment, while not reducing the overall structural hardness of cast iron.

Natural aging is not only a long process, but also a costly one, and not every machine tool plant can afford it. At StankoMashStroy up to 50-70 units are subject to natural aging. And this stock is constantly being renewed.

Small and medium-sized castings undergo artificial aging. The part is loaded into a cold oven and heated to a temperature of 550-560 ° at a speed of 120 ° per hour. At this temperature, the castings are aged for 6-8 hours, after which they are slowly cooled at a speed of 25–75 ° per hour to a temperature of 150–250 °. Then the oven opens and cooling takes place in air.

The company strictly monitors compliance with all technological production processes. Consumers of metalworking equipment can be confident in the high quality of the machines produced by StankoMashStroy.

Date: 04.10.2019
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