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Made in Russia

CNC turning center ST25 series is the joint development of the “StankoMashStroy” company and the Korean company SMEC. Machine doesn‘t have analogs at the Russian market." >
Made in Russia

CNC turning center ST25 series is the joint development of the “StankoMashStroy” company and the Korean company SMEC. Machine doesn‘t have analogs at the Russian market.
Parameters ST25L ST25LM
Maximum swing over bed mm Ø520 Ø650
Maximum swing mm Ø380 Ø380
Maximum length of the workpiece mm 1030 1020
Travel X/Z axis mm 200/1090 225/1040
Spindle speed rpm 35-3500 35-3500
Spindle nose JIS A2-8 JIS A2-8
Bore diameter mm Ø86 Ø86
Spindle indexing degree - 0.001
Inner diameter of front bearing mm 130 130
Number of tool positions 10/12 (opt.) 12 (BMT 65)
Turning tool shank size mm 25 25
Boring bar size mm Ø40 (50) Ø40 (50)
Rotary tool maximum speed rpm - 50-5000
Clamping force kgf 2905 3955
Rapid traverse X/Z mm/min 18000/24000 18000/24000
Cutting feed X/Z mm 0.0003-285/0.0003-357
Tailstock travel mm 990 1020
Quill diameter mm 110 110
Taper MT5 MT5
Quill travel mm 100 100
Main motor kW 18.5/22 18.5/22
Servo motor kW 3 3
Hydraulic system motor kW 1.5 1.5
Lubrication motor kW 0.018 0.018
Coolant motor kW 0.4 0.4
Rotary tool motor power kW - 2.2/3.7 (3.7/5.5)
Power requierements:
Maximum power consumption kVA 39 39
Tank capacity:
Hydraulic tank capacity l 14 14
Lubrication tank capacity l 1.8 1.8
Coolant tank capacity l 256 256
Floor space [with chip conveyor] mm 3880 [4807] x 1617 3885 [4807] x 1705
Machine weight kg 6200 6600

ST25 series machine with numerical program control can carry out complex machining by means of various tools. The turning center can be equipped with 12-position turret, and all 12 positions can be used for the driving tool simultaneously that significantly expands technological capabilities and increases labor productivity.

45-degree slant bed provides the sufficient strength and rigidity at the extreme loadings because of high-performance processing. The guideways carry high loads. Strength margin allows the ball screw works both in the high speeds, and in the mode of power turning.

The bed is cast from high-strength cast iron in Penza city. It naturally and artificially aged, has additional strengthening ribs and specially developed construction. Machining and hardening of guideways are made by the “StankoMashStroy” company.

CNC turning center ST25LM is equipped with BMT65 turret made by South Korea and holders made by WTO company. Drive power is 2.2/3.7 kW standard or 3.7/5.5 kW optional. The main advantage of turret is the possibility to install all 12-drive holders simultaneously, turned the lathe into the milling center. The turret indexing accuracy is ±0,003 mm.

Machining and assembly is made in the temperature-controlled rooms, equipped with precision SKF bearings. It has high output capability and high vibration strength that allows to machine alloy-treated steel and special alloy with 7 accuracy degree and degree of roughness 0.8 under Ra criterion.


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