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Quality of the delivered product meets the applicable technical regulations and specifications of the manufacturer.

Supplier guarantees the quality and reliability of the delivered goods within 12 months, if the buyer meets a condition of storage, transportation, installation and operation specified in the documents (technical documentation) which is transmitted together with the goods.

The warranty period begins from the date of delivery to the buyer.

If Purchaser reveals any concealed defects or deviation in Equipment quality, which are not noticeable upon equipment reception or incoming inspection, Purchaser has to inform the Supplier with Fax or Telegram within two working days from the date of defects detection and to stop further using of machine.

Supplier does not accept the claims for defects in case of the non-compliance of the above conditions. Purchaser can attach the documents with additional information about defect to the written claim on supplier's request. The supplier’s respond may be as follows:

  • Phone call;
  • Written consultations;
  • Personal visit.

Purchaser is responding for defects or deviation in Equipment quality, which is due to his misoperation. In case of need for making the act can be held independent expert.

Costs associated with hiring independent experts, borne by the party who caused any defects of the goods.

In case of equipment defects, arising because of the buyer, their removal is made by the purchaser.

Upon buyer cancelation to draw up or to sign the act, the supplier has the right to make a unilateral act.

If the Purchaser observes to conditions of transportation, unloading, storage, installation and operation rules of the delivered goods, Supplier provides all the repairs work in case of equipment failure during the warranty period.

Supplier doesn’t respond for defects caused by the fault of the purchaser.

Warranty obligations under this Agreement shall become invalid prior to the expiration of the warranty period in the following cases:

  • Unauthorized disassembly or repair of equipment;
  • Using the product for other purposes;
  • Faults, resulting from incorrect operation of the goods;
  • Exceeding of the permissible operating parameters;
  • Non-compliance with the operating instructions;
  • Failure to comply with the requirements of the operating instructions for the frequency and volume of regular maintenance;
  • Making changes in product design;
  • Violating the integrity of the sealing of the goods;
  • Mechanical damages;
  • Using of low-quality consumables.

Warranty terms and conditions do not apply to the effects of external factors, such as: acts of terrorism, natural disasters, fires, hail, lightning, storm, keeping the product in violation of the rules, hitting stones or cargo, the impact of industrial emissions, sludge plants, and other natural and environmental phenomena. Elimination of this kind of defects that have arisen on the above reasons, performed by the provider for a fee.

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