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A new step in the development of German business relations

"StankoMashStroy" company was visited by a representative of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce, which includes about 1000 organizations that work closely with partners not only in Russia and Germany, but also around the world. An agreement on the meeting was reached on the sidelines of the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi and the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, where also the possible membership of StankoMashStroy in the Chamber of Commerce, establishing cooperation with the German Engineering Union was discussed.

This visit is very important for StankoMashStroy. Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of German companies in Russia and provides support to domestic companies in cooperation with German business. According to the UCIMU report, Germany is not only one of the largest countries producing metalworking equipment, but also the third country in terms of consumption. It accounts for about 16% of global consumption.

For StankoMashStroy, the German market is an important area of ​​international development. To this country, 6% of units of metalworking equipment of the total volume are supplied annually.

The main purpose of the Chamber of Commerce representative visit is to get to know the company closer, which is one of the five leaders among domestic machine tool enterprises. StankoMashStroy specialists showed the guest mechanical and assembly production workshops, talked about the equipment manufactured and markets, about cooperation with German partners. And also shared plans for the future. In particular, they discussed the possibility of advanced training for company employees at German enterprises, participation in German industrial exhibitions.

Date: 22.10.2019
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